How to get the highest paying government jobs in India-2022

How to get the highest paying  government jobs in India

The best-paid jobs always attract people. Every year millions of students are attracted to the government job salary and facilities and apply for government jobs. Job Security and World life Balance are two such things, which attract everyone to government jobs. Getting a job with a high salary and job security is the dream of most students in this country. But to get such jobs, they need to be qualified enough, have the necessary skills, and, before that, have an idea of the job profile. In which they will get the highest salary. The salary you get in a government job attracts everyone. There is a big reason behind to get a government job. High-Paying Job. Today we will learn about the Top 10 High-Paying Government jobs in India in this blog. So let’s find out where you can get a High Salary government Job.

Top 10 High Paying Government Jobs In India

Table Content

1. IFS (Indian Foreign Services Officer)

2. IAS (Indian administrative service)

3. IPS (Indian Police Service)

4. Indian Forest Service

5. Scientist in ISRO / DRDO

6. RBI Grade B Officer

7. Assistant Professor / Lecturer in Government College

8. NDA and Defense Service

9.  PSU Jobs – Public Sector Undertaking

10. Medical Officer (Government Doctor)


  • Civil Services 

Civil service is one of the prestigious services in India and therefore one of the career choices of Indian youth. This is why millions of students take the civil service exams every year but there is such strong competition that only a few of them get the job. Civil service jobs are highly prestigious jobs with attractive salaries, job security, and other benefits.


1. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

As you know, the Indian Foreign Service Officer will have responsibilities outside the country which include handling diplomacy, trade, and cultural relations. Due to the benefits available to Indian Foreign Service officers, everyone is willing to apply for the IFS post. This includes free accommodation for IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officers, Transportation, Retirement Benefit Pension, and some attractive benefits. This is a highly secure job. Which facilitates living and studying abroad. The 7th Pay Commission has been implemented. This has led to an increase in the salaries of IFS officers. Apart from this special allowances are also given to IFS officers by the Government of India. Which are deployed outside the country. Indian Foreign Service Group A and B are administrative diplomats under the Civil Service. IFS officials have to attend many political meetings with foreign delegates and travel for domestic and international travel. Thus IFS officers have to carry out their responsibilities.


Indian Foreign Service Recruitment 2022
Indian Foreign Service Recruitment 2022


                                   IFS (Indian Foreign Service Officer) 

Post Name          IFS (Indian Foreign Service Officer)
Name of Exam          UPSC Civil Services Exam
Selection Process
  • Prelims
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview
  • Age Limit – 21 – 30 Years
  • Educational Qualification Bachelors Degree From any recognized university or an equivalent qualification.
  • Senior Time Scale – Pay Scale: INR 15600- INR 39100
  • Grade Pay: INR 6600
  • Junior Time Scale – Pay Scale: INR 15600- INR 39100
  • Grade Pay: INR 5400
  •  Super Time Scale – 37,400 INR – 67000 INR


2.  IAS Officer  (Indian Administrative Service)

Why IAS officer is the most powerful job in India?

IAS exam is taken by UPSC every year. IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is the top Government job in India. IAS officers to everyone Want to be Every student has a dream. Becoming an IAS officer. Friends as you know. The post of IAS officer is compelling. If you reach your goals. So you are given very good facilities by the government. An IAS officer is provided security by the government. IAS officers are always accompanied by 2-3 guards. Friends, IAS officers get health benefits from the government. If they are suffering from any serious ailment, it is also treated. Apart from this free medical facility is also provided to the family. Free electricity & Telephone Bill, Free internet free Facility is provided. This is a  Advantages OF Government Jobs.


Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Job Profile Details
Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Recruitment 2022


Friends, IAS officer is given a vehicle by the government. In it, the government pays for all the maintenance of the IAS officer’s vehicle and petrol and diesel. Accommodation – Accommodation is provided to an IAS Officer by the government. A beautiful bungalow is offered in the VIP area. In addition, they are given all the facilities like servant cook and another great benefit is respect and dignity in society. This is an IAS officer who has an Indian Government Job with has Highest Salary.

                                    IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

Post Name        IAS (Indian Administrative Service)
Name of Exam        UPSC Civil Services Exam
Selection Process
  • Prelim Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview
  • Age Limit Minimum 21 Years
  • Educational Qualification:- Graduate Degree From a recognized university.
  • INR 56,100 – INR 2,25,000


3. IPS (Indian Police Service)

IPS was established in 1948. IPS (Indian Police Service) is a highly prestigious position in the security system under IPS (Indian Police Service), a service of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Post creation of IPS. IPS officers ’requirements were met by UPSC. Every year Exams are conducted by UPSC.


Indian Police Service
Indian Police Service Recruitment 2022


IPS ‘Promotion’ is as follows Were.

DG (Director for General)

ADG (Additional Director of General)

(IG) Inspector General

DIG (Deputy Inspector General)

SP  (Superintendent of Police)

DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police)

The IPS officer is responsible for maintaining law and order in the community in times of crisis. An IPS officer is a defender of the law. Indian Police Service’s duty to protect the Constitution.

  • Power and Functions of IPS officer
  • Responsibility for border security- counter-terrorism, border policing, railway policing, smuggling, drug trafficking, Disaster management, biodiversity & environmental protection.
  • Indian intelligence agencies like research and analysis (Raw)

Intelligence Bureau (IB)

The central bureau of investigation (CBI)

Criminal investigation department etc. Are headed by an IPS officer.

  • Central armed police forces (CAPF)

This includes the Central police organization (CPO)

Like the border security force (BSF). Central reserve police force (CRPF)

Indo Tibetian border Police (ITBP). A national security guard (NSG). Central industrial security force (CISF).  Or any other vigilance or organization is also headed by an IPS officer.

  • IPS officer coordination:- IPS officer coordinates with other services like Indian revenue service, Indian forest service, etc.
  • Friendly Environment:- IPS officers try to make the police force more & more friendly to the people which will make it easier for the common man to take help of the police.
  • Highest Paying Government Jobs  IPS (Indian Police Service ) With Salary & Duty 

The main duty of the IPS officer is to ensure the safety & district leave of the people coming under his jurisdiction along with the IAS officer. It is the responsibility of the IPS officer to bring all these things under his purview.

Such as stop crime – if a crime has occurred register it and confirms it.

  • Investigate the crime and take action.
  • Reduce road accidents
  • Providing security in cash transportation of government or banks
  • Permitting loudspeakers rallies for political/ religious functions.
  • We are making arrangements for elections and providing security at polling booths.
  • Despite all these difficulties, the IPS service is one such service. In which a person gets high levels of internal satisfaction. Because police service is a service where the common man is satisfied in an emergency and solves their problems.

                                        IPS (Indian Police Service)

Post Name       IPS (Indian Police Service)
Name of Exam       UPSC Civil Services Exam
Selection Process
  • Prelim Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview
  • Age Limit Minimum 21 Years to 32 Years
  • Educational Qualification:- Graduate Degree From a recognized university.
  •  INR 56,100 – INR 2,25,000


 4. Indian Forest Service

India has a department to take care of the environment. Its name is Indian Forest Department. Other services like IAS, and IPS are always under discussion. But IFS is rarely discussed. Therefore, the IFS department involves fewer politics. This job falls into an easy government job with a high salary. IFS recruitment and training There are two ways to recruit in IFS. GK via Direct UPSC and Direct Promotion Group (B).

Direct via UPSC

  • Premils
  • Mains
  • Interview

Direct Promotion Group (B) 33% Staff

33% of the candidates in Group B Officer are promoted in Group A Officer through Direct Promotion in Indian Forest Service. Candidates selected by UPSC are sent for a foundation course for 3 months. After that specialized training is for 2 years (Dehradun, Uttarakhand), GNFA (Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy). Trained them they are educated. This makes it easier for them to work in the IFS department.

  • Power and duties Of the Indian Forest Service

The critical task of an IFS officer is to implement NFP (National Forest Police).

  • Obey the law on forest wildlife environment. Such as

Indian forest service act 1927

Forest conservation act 1980

Wildlife protection act 1972

Environment protection act 1986

  • Conservation of forest biological diversity (including wildlife and environmental health)

Different types of protected areas

Wildlife- Related

National Park

Elephant reserve

Tiger reserve

Protecting all of this is a responsibility.


Indian Forest Service
Indian Forest Service Recruitment 2022


  • Environment our wildlife-related authorities

Pollution control board


NTCA- National Tiger Conservative Authority

CZA – Control Zoo Authority

All of the heads are from the IFS department.

In IFS IAS as compared to fewer politics involved. So IFS does its job more freely.

                                     IFS (Indian Forest Service)

Post Name       IFS (Indian Forest Service)
Name of Exam       UPSC Civil Services Exam
Selection Process
  • Prelim Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview
  • Age Limit Minimum 21 Years to 30 Years
  • Educational Qualification:- Graduate Degree From a recognized university.
  •  Basic Pay :- INR 52,000 + D.A.

   5. Scientist in DRDO

What is DRDO?

DRDO – Defence Research and development organization. This institute conducts research work related to India’s defense sector and works to strengthen the country’s defense establishment.


DRDO Recruitment 2022
Defense Research and Development Organization Recruitment 2022

When was DRDO founded?

Defense Research and development organization was established in 1958     to strengthen India’s military power. DRDO operates under the Ministry of Defense. DRDO Government of India is headquartered in Delhi. This is the motto of DRDO.

Strengths origin is in science (बलस्थ मुलविज्ञान) That is, the basis of power is science. DRDO has     30,000/ – employees and 500 scientists. Therefore, DRDO is a special agency.DRDO is an organization working tirelessly for the design and development of India’s defense system. Produces world-class weapons systems and equipment as per the defense needs of the Army, Navy, and Air force. Defense Research and development organization works in many areas of military technology. Just like aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation, engineering systems, advanced computing simulation, and life sciences. The list of products developed by DRDO is very long.

We will talk to you about some of them.

*Airborne telemetry receiving system


*Biomedical devices for internal use (Implants)

*Biomedical devices for external use

*Diagnostic products for infection imaging

*Explosive reactive Armour (ERA)

*Integrated weapon system simulation

*Kaveri Engine

*Laser Warning Sensors

The list includes Agni, Prithvi, Nag, Trishul, and Akash missiles designed for India’s security.

what is the vision of DRDO?

DRDO’s vision is to support India and strengthen the country’s defense system.

What is the focus of DRDO?

  1. To produce advanced sensors, weapon systems, platforms, and equipment for the country’s defense service.
  2. Defense service is to provide technological solutions.
  3. Creating committed quality manpower as well as a strong technology-based infrastructure.

What kind of vacancies are there in DRDO?

Recruitment in DRDO is done according to different qualifications. Just like vacancies like clerk, stenographer, fire engine driver, junior research fellow, and research associate can get your qualification.

Does DRDO offer Scholarships?

Scholarships were given to female candidates by DRDO’s Aeronautics Research and Development Board. This Scholarship is awarded to female candidates pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Aeronautics Engineering, Space Engineering and Rocket / Accra Engineering, and Avionics and should be clear but must be Indian. DRDO Agency is doing a good job of making new equipment for the security of the country. Therefore, many countries are lagging far behind India in defense technology and many big countries are demanding advanced level equipment and technology from India. The pace at which India is Growing forward. Every country considers India as its iron. You may have felt good to know special information about DRDO, such a great agency in India, and your knowledge may have increased and this information may have been useful for you.

                                                      Scientist in DRDO

Post Name                     Scientist DRDO
Name of Exam Centre for Personnel Talent Management (CEPTAM) of DRDO
Selection Process
  • Based on Marks scored in GATE
  • Descriptive Exam
  • Personal Interview
  • Document Verification
  • Age Limit 18-27 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Candidates Should Have Completed their master’s degree in Science Stream Or Three Year Diplomas in Engineering/ Technology/ Computer Science (Aggregate Marks 65% Above)
Salary                       Basic Pay Scale

  • DRDO Scientist B – INR 56,100
  • DRDO Scientist C – INR 67,700
  • DRDO Scientist D – INR 78,800
  • DRDO Scientist E – INR 1,23,100


6. RBI Grade B Officer

How to get a Reserve Bank Of India Officer post?

 Every year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conducts RBI Grade B Officer Examination to select eligible candidates for the post of Grade B Officer in various branches across the country. Reserve Bank of India is India’s Central Bank also known as the banker’s bank. If you are working at RBI then there can be no bigger post and job than this.

Promotion Process


Deputy governor

Executive director

RBI Grade F officer (chief general manager)5 years

RBI Grade E officer (General Manager) 5 years

RBI Grade D officer(Deputy General Manager) 5 years

RBI Grade C officer (Assistant General Manager) 5 years

RBI Grade  B Officer (Manager) 7 Yeras


Reserve Bank of India Recruitment 2022
Reserve Bank of India Recruitment 2022


Internal various departmental exams are conducted in RBI. If you want speed promotion. If so, departmental exams have to be cracked. If you are working in RBI, you have a lot of good opportunities. Even if you have so much experience in RBI, if you feel that you want to work in another bank without doing a job here, many banks will invite you voluntarily and also pay you high. If you want to study in ABROAD, if you want to study in one of the largest institutes in India, you are offered a scholarship by RBI. If you want to study, you are also given leave. RBI also pays money. Friends, you will do well after becoming an RBI officer. Will give a good performance. If you gain good experience, you will get good opportunities. Like you get the opportunity to go to a good reputation. In addition to the World Bank, IMF international monetary fund, and banks of international settlement, you get the opportunity to work on such a large platform.

                                Reserve Bank Of India Grade B Officer

Post Name             RBI Grade B Officer
Name of Exam    RBI Grade B (Conduct By Reserve Bank of India)
Selection Process
  • Exam (Phase-1 Prelim Exam And Phase -2 Mains)
  • Interview
  • Age Limit 21- 30 Years
  • Educational Qualification Bachelor Degree with Minimum 60 % Above Marks
  • Basic Pay 67000 + DA


7. University Professor / Lecturer in Government College

 How To Become A Professor In India?

Many children dream of becoming a professor in a government college or university. But their dreams do not come true because they do not receive timely guidance. If you also dream of becoming a professor/lecturer in college and university, we will guide you. First of all, take a subject in your 12th that you are interested in. That is the subject of which you want to become a professor. That should be the subject. For example, if you want to become a professor of English subject, you have to give priority to that subject from the beginning. This is the only thing to take care of while graduating. Just like you had shown interest in English subjects on 12th, specialization should be done in English subjects at the time of graduation. So Your grip on that subject is strong. When you do post-graduation, you have to keep in mind whatever subject you want to become a professor. Take the same subject and remember one thing. At the time of post-graduation, you should give NET Exam (National Eligibility Test) in the 2nd year All these exams are conducted twice a year by the National Testing Agency.

University Professor Recruitment 2022
University Professor Recruitment 2022

The advantage of this is that it will complete your Post Graduation. If your NET is clear with Post Graduation then you are eligible to join any university and college as a Lecturer. One thing to keep in mind is that when your NET exam is clear. So it’s not like you got a job. This meant that you were eligible. The assistant professor can learn. It’s not like you got a government job. When will you get a job when you will get a vacancy in a government college or university and you will be selected in the interview will be joining. When filling up the NET Form, select the JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) option. So that if you get Top Ranking in NET Exam, you will get JRF. This means you get University Grant Commission Scholarship from UGC. 35000 / – per month approx for Ph.D. After 2 years of JRF, you get SRF (Senior Research Fellowship). NET Exams do not have an age limit. Only for JRF, you need to be under 30 years of age. Get category-wise age relaxation. When government college and university vacancy leaves. For Professor, if you have done NET, you get the Benefit of 5 Marks and if you have done JRF, you get the Benefit of 7 Marks. Friends, if you want to become a professor, follow what I have said. If you follow these things well and work hard, then you can become an assistant professor or professor. 

                     University Professor / Lecturer in Government College

Post Name   University Professor / Lecturer in Government College
Name of Exam
  • NET (National Eligibility Test)
  • SLET (State Level Eligibility Test)
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering)
Selection Process
  • Exam
  • Interview
  •  Age Limit – No Age Restrictions
  • Educational Qualification P.hd  in an equivalent subject from a recognized university.
  •    Basic Pay INR 65000 – INR  75000


8. NDA And Defence Service

National Defense Academy. NDA is one of the Top posts in India. If you want to join Indian Air Force, Indian Army, or Indian Navy, you have to take the NDA Exam. You should have basic knowledge about NDA. Like before filling up the exam form, you need to know what is NDA? How to join NDA? And what qualifications should there be for him? What are the physical requirements? Which subject should be studied? Lots more …If you want to join NDA, you have to make Math subject very strong.


National Defense Academy Recruitment 2022
National Defense Academy Recruitment 2022

What is NDA (National Defence Academy)? 

National Defense Academy which is the National Defense Academy in Hindi. But it is said that the 3 most popular services in India are Army, Navy, And Air Force.  So to go to all these services Exams are done 2 times a year. And Exams are conducted by UPSC. But there are some conditions to sit in this exam. So let’s find out the NDA Exam Terms.

  1. You must be unmarried.
  2. Must have Indian Army 12th pass.
  3. To be recruited into Indian Air Force and Navy, the 12th should have Physics and Math.
  4. Physical Fitness should be good.
  5. You should be between 16.5 and 19 years of age. For age, limits check the UPSC website
  6. Your height should be at least 157 cm. Creating a proper timetable for passing NDA Exam. Focus more on the weak subject. Make Math subject strong. Solve the old question paper sample of the NDA Exam. So that you will notice the Paper Pattern. You will practice.

How to Join NDA?

Recruitment in Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. Must have passed the 12th Science stream before joining NDA. Remember to choose maths and physics in the 11th science subject after the 10th pass. If you want to join the army then you have to pass 12th then whatever your subject. But if you want to join Indian Navy and Air Force, then Physics and 12th Maths Subject has to be passed. Must be at least 60% marks.

NDA Entrance Exam Clearance

Just like you pass the 12th or you are in the 12th final you can fill NDA Entrance Exam Form. This exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  2 times a year in its forms in June and December. And you can fill out this form online from the UPSC website. Now clear the SSB interview. After clearing the Entrance Exam of NDA, you are called for an SSB interview. There are different types of tests. Such as physical tests, Apti tests, Group discussions, Personal Interviews, etc. I want to clear all these tests. Now to complete NDA training After clearing all the exams, now you are sent to the training according to the selected post. Such as 1-year IMA -Indian Military Academy (For Army Cadets) in NDA, 3 years at NDA & 1-year Naval academy (For Naval cadets), and 3 years at NDA and 1 and 1/2 year, AFA (Hyderabad) ( For Air Force Cadets) You can join NDA Post when you have to pass this training. So in this way, you can join the Indian Army (Indian Army), Indian Navy (Indian Navy), and Indian Air Force (Indian Air Force) in NDA. These are the highest-paid government jobs in India.

                          National Defence Academy

Post Name

        NDA- Army, Navy & Airforce

Name of Exam       Union Public Service Commission
Selection Process
  • Exam
  • Interview
  • Age Limit 16-19 Years
  • Educational Qualification Should Have Completed 10+2 Pattern of School Education 
  • NDA Officer Major               INR 69,400 – INR 2,07,200/-


8. PSU Jobs – Public Sector Undertaking

PSU jobs fall into 3 categories.

  • Maharatna
  • Navratna
  • Miniratana
  1. Maharatna PSUs

The first thing to know is that mahartna PSUs Companies are those Government Companies. Whose annual average profit above 5000 Crore and profit should remain constant for 3 years. Average annual turnover 20,000 / – crore for 3 years. Average annual Networth – 10,000/-  for 3 years

List of Maharashtra PSU

*Oil and Natural gas corporation (ONGC)

*National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

*Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)

*Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd (BHEL)

*Coal India Ltd (CIL)

*Gas Authority of Indian Ltd (Gail)

*Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL)etc

The maharatna of big government companies like this come on PSU List.


  1. Navratna PSU

Government companies with a score of 60/100 come to navratna PSU. The Score Depends on Main Parameter like

NET worth

NET profit

Total Cost of Production

Capital Employee

List of Navratna PSU’s

* Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)

*Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL)

*Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL)

*Oil India Ltd (OICL)

*Power Finance Corporation (PFC)

*Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL)

*Shiping Corporation of India (SCI)

*National Aluminium Company (NALCO)

*Rural Electrition Corporation (REC) 


  1. Miniratana PSUs

Fast Growing government Companies with a positive Net Worth Earning a Profit of 30 Crores.

List of Miniratana PSUs list 1

*Airport Authority of India (AAI)

*Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL)

*Chennai Petroleum Corporation (CPCL)

*BCCL – Bharat Coking Coal Limited

*CPCL- Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

*EDCIL- Educational Consultants India Limited

List of Miniratna PSU- II 

*Bharat pumps and Compressor (BPC)

*Engineering Projects

*Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Ltd

*Broadcast engineering Consultants India.

*Ferro Scrap Nigam Ltd


Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Recruitment 2022
Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Recruitment 2022


PSU Salary Structure

Maharatna – Pay Scale is in the range of Rs- 60,000- 180,000 And After 3rd PRC and CTC 15-20 lakh.

Navratna PSUs

Basic Pay – 50,000

CTC 12-15 laks

Miniratana PSUs

Basic Pay – 40,000/-

CTC 10 Lakhs


55000/- for laptop / pc every 3 year

150,000/- for household maintenance every 6 year

15000/- For Mobile / Tablet Every year

4000/- for DTH service every year

Medical facilities for self and dependents

Post Name          Engineers
Name of Exam           PSU Exams
Selection Process
  • Written  Exam
  • Personal Interview
  • Age Limit 21- 27 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in B.Tech, B.E. Degree From a recognized University.
  • Graduate Engineer:– INR 24900 – INR 50500
  • Management Trainees:- INR 24900 – 50500


10. Medical Officer (Government Doctor)

Can I get a Government Job after doing an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)?

If you want to be your carrier (Government Doctor) as a Medical Officer then this blog is for you. If you have done MMBS then you can get a government job easily. There is some state. There are plenty of states like UP, Hariyana, and Himachal. Where you (Government Doctor) have the vacancy of Medical Officer and that vacancy is based on an interview. Like you will be asked basic questions. Talk about diabetes, ask about hypertension or ask about pregnancy. This will be your selection based on basic questions and get a government job. After completing MBBS you can apply to a government hospital. One would like to say that there are two types of government hospitals. Salary varies between State Government and Central Government Hospital. The salary in the medical field depends on your skill and experience For many years Your skill upgrade depends on the service you provide.

Who is Medical Officer – Medical Officer means Doctor.

You may have seen the Medical Officer at the Primary Health Center. Medical Officer is a Planner, Supervisor, Promoter, Co-ordinator, Director, and Evaluator.

Planner – A medical officer should be a good planner so that there should be proper implementation of all the health activities.

Supervisor – The facilities provided by the Health Department do not reach the people properly. This should be monitored. The Medical Officer should be a Good Supervisor.

Promoter – Promotes Health Activities and Sanitisation services in a good way.

Co-ordinator – Medical Officer should be able to co-ordinate well with everyone

 Director – Medical Officer should guide his health team in a good way and distribute their work to the overall level.

Evaluator – which also provides service and which health programs are being implemented. To evaluate them well.

Government Doctor (Medical Officer) Recruitment 2022
Government Doctor (Medical Officer) Recruitment 2022

Job Responsibilities

  1. Attend OPD (Out Petition Department)
  2. Maintenance of cold chain
  3. Implementation of UIP (Universal Immunisation program)
  4. Implementation of Health Program
  5. Basic Health Care Services
  6. Family Planning Service
  7. Organize Tubectomy and Vasectomy Camps
  8. Organize Traning Of Asha and Dai’s
  9. Organize staff meetings (once a month) at the PHC to review the progress of health activities.
  10. filed Work

__ Visit Schools and arrange camps for health checkups

__ Visit each subcenters of fixed days for supervision.

This is high salary government jobs

                Medical Officer (Government Doctor)

Post Name      Medical Officer (Government Doctor)
Name of Exam    UPSC Conduct – CMSE (Combined Medical Service Examination)
Selection Process
  • Written  Exam
  • Personal Interview
  • Age Limit 21- 32 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine or Bachelor’s of Surgery Degree (MBBS) From a recognized University.


  •  Jr. Doctor:– INR 55000 – INR 70000
  •  Specialist Surgeon Doctor – INR 65000 – 80000



India is a developing country and has developed tremendously in most sectors over the past few decades. That is why students or graduates who are studying or have completed their education are looking for the highest paying jobs in their respective fields in India. We have created this article to fulfill that need. In this article, we have listed the best high-paying jobs in various government sectors in India in 2022. How to get govt jobs Guided about it. Understanding some things ahead of time is very beneficial. In this blog, I have listed the job profiles of top government jobs that pay high salaries and what are their perks and benefits. Gave information about it. If you like this blog don’t forget to share. So that your needy friends can benefit from it.

*Jai Hind*


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