Indian Armed Forces Agnipath Scheme Recruitment – 2022

Agneepath Yojana-2022 (Indian Armed Forces Tour of Duty (TOD) Agneepath Scheme Bharti notification – 2022)

What Is Agnipath Scheme?

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Today we are going to learn about the Agneepath scheme of Desh Seva. A very good opportunity for youth. If you are looking for country service and carrier option or you are suitable then join some army instead of a permanent job and then you can return to your work. So to fulfill your wish on Tuesday 14th June 2022 government has launched a new scheme for Indian Armed Forces Recruitment. Central Government has seen Agneepath for the recruitment of Senabal youth. Agniveer will be given an attractive monthly package and risk allowance as applicable in the army as well as a hardship allowance. After completion of their tenure, they will be given a service fund package. “Seva Fund” shall be exempt from income tax. Under a Scheme, patriotic and enthusiastic youth will be recruited into the military force for 4 years. Agneepath Yojana is a new scheme introduced for recruitment in the Indian Army, Air, and Navy. The youth recruited under this is called Agniveer. Recruitment started immediately after the announcement. 1st batch is in 2023. Those who select age above the merit list will continue to serve as Agniveer for 4 years. Recruitment of 46000 posts every year according to Agneepath candidate going to leave The scheme is for 4 years and 25% of the candidates will remain under permanent commission for up to 15 years.

Agnipath Scheme Join Indian Armed forces?

1. Agnipath Registration (Enrollment)

(i) Candidates will be enlisted under the Army Act 1950 for a period of service of four (04) years including a training period.

(ii) Firemen so enlisted shall be subject to the Army Act, 1950, and shall be liable to move anywhere by land, sea, or air.

(iii) Firefighters enrolled under the scheme shall not be entitled to any kind of pension or gratuity.

Agneepath scheme online form – Online registration is mandatory. All candidates log on to the Join Indian Army website (JOININDIANARMY.NIC.IN).

2. Services

(i) The service of Agni Veer will commence from the date of enrolment.

(ii) Agnivir shall constitute a separate rank in the Indian Army, distinct from any other existing rank.

(iii) Leave, uniform, pay and allowances during four years of service shall be governed by orders and instructions in respect of such persons issued by the Government of India (Government of India) from time to time.

(iv) Firefighters will be assigned any duty in organizational interest as decided from time to time.

(v) Employees enrolled under Agniveer Yojana are required to undergo a periodical medical examination and physical/written/field tests as per orders issued. The performance thus displayed will be considered for further offers for enrollment in the regular cadre.

(vi) Firefighters may be posted in any regiment/unit and may be transferred further in organizational interest.

3. Discharge

(i) All Agniveers  Candidate will be discharged on completion of four years of service.

(ii) On discharge after completion of four years, Agni Veer will be given a ‘Seva Nidhi’ package so that they can return to society for employment in other sectors.

(iii) Agniveer shall not be entitled to any pension or gratuity, nor shall he be entitled to Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facilities, Ex-Serviceman status, and other related benefits.

(iv) Firefighters shall be prohibited from disclosing confidential information received in the course of service to any unauthorized person or source under the Official Secrets Act, 1923.

4. Enrollment in Regular Cadere

(i) On the basis of organizational requirements and policies, the published firemen who complete their engagement period in each batch will be given an opportunity to apply for enrollment in the regular cadre of IA. These applications will be considered by the Army based on objective criteria including performance during their engagement not more than 25% of each particular batch of firemen will be enlisted in the regular cadre of IA, after completion of their engagement period of 4 years.

(ii) Firefighters enlisted as regular cadre will be required to serve for a further term of 15 years and will be governed by the terms and conditions of service (of other ranks of Junior Commissioned Officers/Indian Army) for the time being prevailing (as amended from time to time). Agniveer will have no right to choose. The selection shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian Army.

(iii) With the implementation of this scheme, the enrollment of soldiers in the regular cadre of IA, except for the technical cadre in the medical branch, will be available only to that personnel who have completed their period of service as firefighters.

5. Employability

(i) Firefighters shall be responsible for assigning any duty in organizational interest, as may be decided from time to time.

(ii) Firefighters may be posted in any regiment/unit and further transferred to other regiments/units in organizational interest.

6. Let go

Leave granted will be subject to exigencies of service. Firefighters may be entitled to the following leaves during their engagement:-

(a) Annual leave. Up to 30 days per year.

(c) Sick leave. Based on medical advice.

7. Agnipath Scheme (Salary), Wages, allowances, and related benefits

(a) Agniveer Package

The pay and emoluments of Agniveer will be as follows:- (AA) Year 1. Customized Package – ₹ 30,000/- (Plus applicable allowances.)

(ii) Year 2. Customized Package – ₹33,000/- (Plus applicable allowances.)

(iii) Year 3. Customized Package – ₹ 36,500/- (Plus applicable allowances.)

(iv) Year 4. Customized Package – ₹ 40,000/- (Plus applicable allowances.)

(v) From the above package, 30% will be compulsorily deposited into a corpus every month which will be matched by GOI. Balance less corpus contribution will be the factor in hand.

(b) Service Fund Package

(i) On discharge of 4 years, a corpus of ₹5.02 lakhs will be matched by GOI, and an amount of ₹10.04 lakhs and accrued interest will be paid to Agniveer. In the case of firemen who are subsequently selected for enrollment as a regular cadre in the Indian Army, the “Service Fund” package offered to them will consist of only their contribution along with their accrued interest.

(ii) If an Agniveer leaves the service at his own request before the end of his period of engagement, the service fund package of the person accrued as on that date will be paid, along with the applicable rate of interest

(c) Mode of Payment

​​Service Fund Package. Each Agniveer will be given two options to receive the Sevanidhi package, which aims to provide financial loans for self-employment/entrepreneurship through bank guarantee and also to meet immediate/incidental expenses on exit. Firm details will be announced separately.

(d) Allowances

He will receive applicable risk and hardship, ration, dress, and traveling allowances as decided by the Government Of India from time to time.

(e) Firefighters

shall be exempted from making any contribution to the Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund or any other provident fund. Firefighters enrolled under this scheme shall not be entitled to any gratuity or pensionary benefits.

8. Life insurance coverage

Firefighters will be provided with non-contributory life insurance cover of ₹48 lakh for the duration of their engagement and will not be eligible for Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) scheme/benefits.This is the benefit of the Agneepath Scheme.

9. Termination/Release from Service

(a) The maximum period of service of firemen shall be as enumerated in para 2 above. However, the services of firemen under this scheme can be terminated at any time as per Army Act 1950.

(b) Agnivirs are not permitted to leave at their own request before the terms of engagement are fulfilled. However, in very exceptional cases, employees enrolled under this scheme may be released if approved by the competent authority.

10. BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES EXTINGUISHING FOUR YEARS OF SERVICE After completing four years of service (as applicable), the exiting persons shall be given the following Agnipath Scheme benefits:-

(a) Service Fund Package

See paragraph 6 (b) above. Funds generated after four years of contributions will be given to outgoing firefighters.

(b) ‘Agniveer’ skill certificate

At the end of the engagement period, firefighters will be provided with a detailed skill set certificate, highlighting the skills and competency levels acquired by the personnel during their engagement period. as per qualitative requirements:-

Agnipath Scheme Agniveer  Eligibility


Sr. No. Category Education Age limit
1 Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms) 1
Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms) category tenth /Matric with forty-fifth marks in combination and thirty-third in every subject. For boards following the grading system minimum of D grade (33% – 40%) in individual subjects or the equivalent of grade that contains thirty-third and overall combination in C2 grade or equivalent akin to forty-fifths in combination.
17 ½ – 23
17 ½ – 23
2 Agniveer (Tech) 10+2/Intermediate Exam Pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% in each subject.


10+2 /Intermediate exam pass from any recognized State Edn Bd or Central Edn Bd to incl NIOS and ITI course of min one yr in the reqd field with NSQF level 4 or above.

17 ½ – 23
3 Agniveer Clerk / Store Keeper Technical

(All Arms)

10+2 / Intermediate Exam Pass in any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science) with 60% marks in aggregate and a minimum of 50% in each subject. Securing 50% in English and Maths/Accts/Book Keeping in Cl XII is mandatory. 17 ½ – 23
4 Agniveer Tradesmen

(All Arms)10th pass

(a) Class 10th simple pass

(b) No stipulation in aggregate percentage but should have scored in 33% in each subject.

17 ½ – 23
5 Agniveer Tradesmen

(All Arms) 8th pass

(a) Class 8th simple pass

(b) No stipulation in aggregate percentage but should have scored in 33% in each subject.

17 ½ – 23


Note: The upper age limit has been relaxed from 21 years to 23 years as a one-time measure for the recruitment year 2022-23.


(c) Educational certificates

(i) Educational certificate along with mark sheets of all educational qualifications obtained by the candidate from a recognized School/College/Board/University such as Matriculation/Intermediate etc.

(ii) The Provisional/Online Education Certificate must bear a certified ink signature of the Head of the Educational Institution of the concerned Board/University.

(iii) List of Board of Education recognized by the State Governments / Union Territory Administrations is annexed as Annexure ‘A’ only will be accepted.

(d) Domicile Certificate

Domicile certificate with photograph issued by Tehsildar/District Magistrate.

(e) Caste certificate

Caste certificate attached with a photograph of the candidate issued by Tehsildar/District Magistrate.

(f) Religion Certificate

Religion certificate issued by Tehsildar/SDM (if caste certificate does not mention religion as “Sikh/Hindu/Muslim/Christian”).

(g) School character certificate

Character certificate of school/college Principal/Principal of last education.

(h) Certificate of character

Character certificate with photograph issued by Village Sarpanch/Municipality within last six months.

(i) Unmarried Certificate

Unmarried Certificate with photograph issued by Village Sarpanch/Municipality within last six months for candidates below 21 years of age.

(j) Certificate of Relationship

SOS/SOEX/SOW/SOWW candidates are required to submit the following documents:-

(i) Affiliation Certificate issued from concerned Record Office only by Record Officer with Personal number, rank, name, and office seal/stamp with specific signature of the Record Officer issuing the Affiliation Certificate. The relationship certificate should have watermarks of the relevant entries.

(ii) A declaration duly signed by the 1st Class/Executive/Judicial Magistrate as mentioned in the affidavit on Rs.10 non-judicial stamp paper prepared by ESM must be submitted by the candidate at the rally venue. The format of the affidavit is attached as per Annexure ‘B’.

(iii) Original discharge books of ex-servicemen should also be prepared. The candidate’s name and date of birth should be recorded in it.

(k) NCC Certificate

NCC A/B/C Certificate and Republic Day Parade Certificate must have photographs of the candidate attested by the authority. Provisional NCC A/B/C pass certificates will be accepted only if attested by the concerned NCC Group Commanders. No bonus points will be awarded unless the certificate (Relationship/Sports/NCC) is verified. For this, an undertaking will be taken from the candidate. Temporary certificates are only accepted during.

(l) Sports Certificate

(i) Athletes who have represented India at the international level and the state at the national level in the last two years (under sports where relaxation in physical standards is accepted)

(ii) Athletes who have represented the district at the state level in the last two years and represented the varsity team or regional team with 1st/2nd rank at the district level (sports certificate with registration number and should be from government-recognized sports institute/organizations).

(m) List of games

A list of sports for enrollment is attached as Annexure ‘C’.

(n) Bonus points certificate

All original certificates/photocopies relating to bonus marks will be accepted during the rally itself. No certificate including NCC certificates, sports certificates, relationship certificates, or any other certificate to claim bonus marks/relaxation will not be accepted after the rally.


In this blog, we know about Agneepath Yojana of Desh Seva in which we know the benefits of Agneepath Yojana as well as which one can join Agni Path Yojana. What is Tour of Duty (TOD)? We have tried our best to answer Agneepath’s salary package and some questions. Agneepath Yojana is a voluntary service. In this blog, we have tried to know more about Agnith Yojana.












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