What is the benefit of government job

Government Job Benefit

So Why do you want a government job? This is because the main benefits of government jobs are financial support and job security.

At present, the influx of the young generation towards Government jobs has increased. You may have heard that Government Jobs are always better than private jobs.

There are many benefits to government jobs. let’s explore

  1. Job Security
  2. Salary
  3. Nature of job
  4. Growth
  5. Respect and dignity in the society
  6. Holidays
  7. Facility
  8. Bonus
  9. Vacancy
  10. Ease of borrowing

1. Job Security:-

As you know. In Corona Pandemic, many people in our country lost their jobs. The reason was that the companies were closed and there was no work. As a result, companies laid off many people, and the effect was felt by all of us. All these things did not happen in a Government job. This is the advantage of government jobs. In a private company, the boss can tell you that he has less work and more employees …

But no one in government can arbitrarily remove you. This is the benefit of a government job. If you make a mistake in the network government department, you are not directly removed. The first inquiry is made and if you have really made a mistake, you are also given the responsibility to give your opinion. If you miss a vote, you will be punished or fined or demoted or suspended, or finally terminated.

2. Salary: – Your government job salary can be at least 20,000+.

Your salary is running every hour without you asking. No matter what you say, your salary will increase by 4-5% and your salary increase by 4 + 4% in the fourth year. (This information is on an average basis.)

When you see your salary progress on the basis of the 7th pay commission. So your basic salary is almost double the pass. This is the Advantage of a government job.

Payscale salary structure

* Basic pay

* D.A – Dearness Allowance

* T.A – Travel Allowance

* HRA- House Rent Allowance

The following allowances are given by the Special Department.

* Technical Allowance

* MSP – Military Service Pay

Allowances like this will not be seen in Private. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how well you work in a private job, you are paid less.


3. Nature of job: – It takes 7-8 hours to work in a government job. The facility is good on Saturday and Sunday off government jobs. Time is given to the family. Vacation can be enjoyed more. And this is the best benefit of a government job. Government Job is the best in this regard.


4. Growth: – Your Growth is Fast in Government Job. This process is done in a certain way. You will see a good promotion somewhere in 3-4 years. They are given promotions by giving them new training. Example Junior Clerk becomes Senior Clerk.

5. Respect and honor in society: – Once you join Government Job, you get respect and honor in society. People look up to them. They are perceived as a role model. A valuable image is created in society. This benefit of government jobs will be seen.

6. Holidays: – Ask yourself the question Living to make money? Why make money to survive? This question is being asked because there is no enjoyment in the private sector. The workload in the private sector is high, so leave is not available early and if given, it is deducted from the salary. But that is not all. Holidays that are given to you every year. In it, you are paid extra for the holidays that are left under leave encashment.

Casual leave                   Defense.               Civil.

Earn leave.                    30 days.          10 day’s

Medical leave –          Recommended by a doctor

Maternity leave             180 Day’s      180 Day’s

All these holidays are common in every Department of Government Job. This is another government job benefit


7. Facility: – Medical Facility is free of cost for the Defense sector. Mediclaim facility is provided for civil. There is a low price canteen facility for those who work in the Army under the Central Government. In which they can buy the household items. Children face concessions are given to those working in Defense. The free tour is offered once a year. Remember the importance of government jobs here.

8. Bonus: – Along with Growth in Government Sector, the bonus is also paid in full. In this calculation for the bonus, you should fill 260 days out of 365 days in your daily routine. Then you get a full bonus.

9. Vacancy: – There is a lot of competition in the Government Sector. As compared to private jobs. Explains in Example,  There was an advertisement for 2019. 01/2019 Railway Group D Central Government had 103769 vacancies and received 1.5 crore application forms.

Now you see how strong the competition is. Doesn’t that mean it’s impossible to get a government job? Getting a government job in India is difficult but not impossible. All you need is your strong willpower.

10. Ease of borrowing: – Government employees do not have to work hard to get a loan. If you have shown the original salary slip of Government employees in any bank. They will be given easy loans. Also, in some places, if government employees want to take loans on an individual level, then there is no need for a guarantor. This is the advantage of doing a government job.


After reading all this, you may have noticed why people run for government jobs. In this post, you can know about the benefits of government jobs and why you need government jobs. Here we have properly explained the number of the benefits of government jobs.  So, I hope you enjoy this post, if you have any queries regarding this post then you can comment to me or you can directly contact us through the contact form.

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